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Once again, residues of the herbicide glyphosate have been found in commonly consumed foods. A new report produced by Food Democracy Now and the Detox Project found “extremely high levels” of glyphosate residues in popular foods, from Cheerios and Ritz Crackers to Kashi cookies. According to the report, glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup, “is the most heavily used chemical weedkiller in food and agricultural production in human history.” http://inhabitat.com/glyphosate-found-in-cheerios-kashi-cookies-and-other-popular-food-items/                         by Lacy Cooke  of inhabitat



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Florikan E.S.A., LLC The Company


Florikan® is a Proud Family Owned U.S. Based Manufacturer | Evolving Plant Nutrient through Advanced Fertilizer Technologies

Founded in 1981 by Ed and Betty Rosenthal, Florikan ESA has grown from a man selling goods from the trunk of his car to an industry leader in plant nutrition. Florikan’s entrepreneurial drive, continuous innovations, and pioneering work formed the basis for introduction of Nutricote® controlled release fertilizer to the U.S. market over 30 years ago. This drive helped form NASA partnerships, for research and development work, on the recently patented Gal-XeONE™ controlled release fertilizer, and ‘Veggie’ production programs on the International Space Station.

Florikan® is a Proven Performance Leader | Bringing Plant Nutrition, Production and Conservation together

Florikan’s commitment to quality, and a solution driven technical sales process, has earned a loyal customer base of over 3000 end-user growers and industry professionals, who rely on Florikan’s crop recommendations and product performance. From production, fulfillment, to complete customer satisfaction, Florikan’s pledge is “We Make it Right”. Florikan has been recognized with awards from industry, community, government, and environmental organizations for the tireless efforts to develop solutions that bridge the demands of economics, crop production, and stewardship.

Florikan® is a Solution Driven Industry Leader in…


Tree Farms

Sod Farms
Specialty Crops
Golf and Turf

Golf Courses
Sports Fields
Municipal Parks & Schools
Recreation Facilities
Professional Landscape

Commercial Parks
Malls & Shopping Centers
Resorts & Hotels
Theme Parks
To learn more about Florikan, please visit the website at http://www.florikan.com

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Florikan E.S.A., LLC
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GAL-XeONE™ & Nutricote® by Florikan

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About Gal-XeONETM Thriving Through Continuous Nutrient Delivery

Plants thrive best and remain healthiest when supplied with continuous nutrition. GAL-XeONE™ is a controlled-release fertilizer with a new, advanced polymer coating technology. It delivers optimal nutrients to the plant at a pace that matches a plant’s uptake requirements. GAL-XeONE fertilizer provides gradual release of plant nutrients to match a plant’s growth cycle as needed. It improves efficiency, limits plant damage and reduces nutrient loss.


EFFICIENT DELIVERY: GAL-XEONE™ is a controlled-release fertilizer with a patented polymer coating technology that delivers nutrients to the plant at the right rate to match a plant’s uptake needs.

EXTENDED RELEASE: Plants are healthiest with constant nutrition over an extended period. GAL-XEONE technology allows consistent, predictable delivery of plant nutrients.

EXACTING TECHNOLOGY: The patented GAL-XEONE coating uses technology developed with support from NASA to allow water to enter the prill then carry the nutrient solution out through a precise, semi-permeable membrane.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Delivering just the right amount of nutrients to match the pace of plant growth is a 4R Nutrient Stewardship® best practice and an efficient use of resources.


Controlled nutrient release from 2 months up to 18+ months
Sustained nutrient delivery to improve plant health
Reduced losses from volatilization and leaching, and minimized risk of scorching
Reduced number of applications therefore reducing labor and logistics costs
Applying the right source of nutrients at the right rate at the right time and in the right place
East and West coast production enables nationwide & international availability
About Nutricote®

Nutricote® is the gold standard in the world of controlled release fertilizers. For over thirty years, this world-class technology has been scientifically proven to outperform all other CRF’s, with its consistent and dependable release curve and superior homogeneous nitrate based fertilizer.


The release of nutrients from Nutricote® is controlled by the amount of a special chemical release agent in the resin coating.
Only the amount of this special release agent varies according to the required period of release designated by the various Types of Nutricote®.
This special release agent has resulted in a dramatic technological improvement in consistent and precise nutrient release.
Every particle of Nutricote® is uniquely homogeneous, to ensure consistent analysis application after application.

Crop Safe – Will Not Flash Release
Creates Uniform Crops in Size and Color
Longevities and Customization Available to Meet all Crop Cycles
For more information about Florikan products, please visit http://florikan.com/#nav

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Cannabinoids inhibit cellular respiration of human oral cancer cells. These results show the cannabinoids are potent inhibitors of Tu183 cellular respiration and are toxic to this highly malignant tumor  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20516734


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